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Hey Kristen K!


Whatever bro. (

I will forever be the Queen of Call-Outs. No sluts in my city are going to give respectable women with tattoos a bad name.

The trailer for M.I.A’s controversial unreleased documentary. That’s my freedom fighter!

"Girls are not machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out."

Porphyria R’lyeh

(via obsessiveobsessions)


Illustration of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi for an event my society is gearing up to! More info here:

Buy a text-free print of it on Society6.



Chakraman Gold by Paul Heussenstamm

Kristen. RVA.

About Me:

I use this Tumblr to express myself because I have a BIG personality.

I'm all about Equal Rights and Humanitarianism. I'll fight you just to get peace.

Influences include good music, herbal remedies, my past, present and future, snowboarding, memories, freestyles, a good sense of humor, amazing friends, and everything in between.

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