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Hey Kristen K!

@maggiemalcom @reesa304 #vine #supermario #nintendo #dogs


our president is a sarcastic motherfucker.


Fresh wine.


Police arrest Henrico teen in Riverrock incident involving Toots and the Maytals.


The Dead and the Dying


About Marilyn :

I asked her where she lived, and when she said at the Studio Club, I was impressed because I knew that a girl who looked like that could have the biggest house in Beverly Hills, she could have whatever she wanted because men would give it to her. Therefore, if she lived at the Studio Club it was because she had character. ” - Ben Lyon on his 1946 meeting with Norma Jeane Dougherty

Kristen. RVA.

About Me:

I use this Tumblr to express myself because I have a BIG personality.

I'm all about Equal Rights and Humanitarianism. I'll fight you just to get peace.

Influences include good music, herbal remedies, my past, present and future, snowboarding, memories, freestyles, a good sense of humor, amazing friends, and everything in between.

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